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6 Rookie Mistakes That Will Ruin Your New Website's SEO


Don’t Ruin Your New Website Ranking—Download Our Free White Paper Now

Having a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean your customers can find you online. Don’t fall victim to less traffic on your site. Learn to avoid the most common mistakes that could lead to your website’s demise. Build your visibility online and spare yourself the headache by downloading, 6 Rookie Mistakes That Will Ruin Your New Website’s SEO.

Our new white paper will give you details from SEO experts about the top 6 most often overlooked mistakes when building a website and how they can affect your ranking in Google.

You’ll learn:

  • How image size affects how fast your website loads
  • How to make weak content stronger and more mobile-friendly for your clients
  • What 404 errors and broken links mean for your website
  • How to get your clientele to stay on your page longer

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