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Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education


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Christa Payne
Assistant Dean, Tulane University School of Professional Advancement
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Alison Zeringue
Director of Account Management, Search Influence
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Will Scott
CEO and Co-Founder, Search Influence

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Hey there, AMA attendees!

If you gotten this far, you’ve probably met Christa, Alison, or Will, and they’ve wow’ed you (hopefully) with their digital marketing know-how.

We know it’s important to be able to look back over the information they shared and even pass it along to colleagues. So, viola. Here’s everything they referenced, their contact information, and additional resources you may be interested in reading. Our treat.

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  • Slide Deck: Stairway to Website Heaven
    Explore the 7 steps to creating an experience prospects, students, and search engines will reward. 
  • Takeaway Worksheet
    Get thinking about how to put your learnings to use with links to resources mentioned and checklists to review your presence. 

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